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MedTrans Express Inc. is a medical transportation company that is dedicated to providing high-quality transportation services to individuals with special needs. To enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, MedTrans Express worked with Appsians to develop a comprehensive fleet management system. This system includes a range of features that allow the company's management team to keep track of all aspects of their business, including trips, patients, and fleets. With the help of the Twilio API, drivers are able to access important trip information directly from their mobile phones, ensuring that they are always up-to-date and able to provide the best possible service to their clients. In addition to providing valuable information to drivers, the fleet management system also includes tracking APIs and car trackers, which allow managers to monitor the real-time positions of their drivers. This helps to ensure that all trips are completed safely and efficiently, and it also allows the company to respond quickly to any potential issues that may arise. Overall, the fleet management system developed by Appsians has been a valuable asset for MedTrans Express, helping the company to improve its operations and better serve its customers. So, MedTrans Express was able to improve its business with the help of Appsians.


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